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HOWARD HUGHES reserves the right to update or modify these Terms of Service at any time without prior notice. Your use of the Racing4MND Blog website following any such change constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the Terms of Service as changed. For this reason, we encourage you to review these Terms of Service whenever you use this Website.

Modifications to Service

HOWARD HUGHES reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Service with or without notice to the Member. HOWARD HUGHES will not be liable to Member, or any third party should HOWARD HUGHES exercise its right to modify or discontinue the Service.


We recommend that you keep backup copies of any information of value to you since we do not. These terms are effective until terminated by HOWARD HUGHES which may be terminated without notice at any time. HOWARD HUGHES has the right to terminate any individual’s rights to access or use the Racing4MND Blog website, or any portion of, at any time under HOWARD HUGHES’S discretion.

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Responsibility of Members for Content

You may produce, upload and maintain certain types of files on the Racing4MND Blog as long as you own or are properly licensed to them. However, the files should not impact the services of the websites. You assume all responsibility for your blog and all material arising out of it unless proven to be a victim of hacking.


You will retain copyright ownership and all related rights for information that you publish through HOWARD HUGHES Blogs.

Use and Misuse of the Service

You are responsible for all use of your website, with or without your knowledge or consent. You agree to the services only for lawful purposes and in compliance with all applicable laws.
By accepting this agreement, you agree to hold HOWARD HUGHES harmless from any claims relating to any action taken by HOWARD HUGHES as part of its investigation of a suspected violation of this agreement or as a result of a violation of this agreement has occurred.
Use and Misuse of Materials

Materials in the public domain can be downloaded and shared. You assume all risk in the determination of whether the materials are in the public domain. Do not store or distribute any unlawful materials. You can not distribute copyrighted materials on the Racing4MND Blog without proper consent. Do not post private information without the person’s consent. Where there are allegations about that your on-line activity violates the legal right of a third party

System Security

You are prohibited from using security breaching tools to compromise the security of the systems resources or assets.
System Resources.

If we deem that your usage of the blog to further other resources without HOWARD HUGHES’s consent, your blog will be terminated

Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability

These Sites are provided by HOWARD HUGHES on an as is and as available basis. We are not liable for mistakes on the blogs.
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